Monday, January 09, 2006

Weekend Roundup...... Educational Experience 101

So as 2k6 is officially underway I have dubbed this year the year of the lesson and so far quite the educational experience has been had by yours truly.... why just this weekend I learned that:

Friday night dinner and a movie (especially this movie, "It's too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here ah ahh ahhhhh) with this Lady was just what I needed after el week de hell, my boss is mad at me for going to Key West for a week and giving her like 2 days notice even though I came in Christmas eve and Christmas day and covered all my projects for that entire week..... b*tch is just jealous because I came back looking tan and fabulous and her pasty self was stuck with her demon children in MD for New Years.

One should NEVER ever see this movie. So I got asked out by this guy whom was drunkenly on me on Thursday night and agreed to see a movie with him, he asked me if I liked scary movies and I said yes unknowingly thinking it was of the ghosts and demon variety.... not a hack and saw type of thing. Yeah I think I left marks in his arm from how hard I was squeezing it, and afterwards when walking from the movie theater we passed a restaurant where they were carving a huge roast beef....yeah I nearly booted in the alley.

At the advice of This Lady I learned that if your date offers to sing "beautiful" to you at a karaoke bar because he thinks you are so beautiful, and you don't feel like being humiliated in a public setting get him to sing 9 to 5 by Ms. Dolly P. everyone else will sing along and drown him out... thank goodness for that advice or I may have had to crawl into a hole and die.

(There will be no further dates with said gentleman for several reasons none of which will be published on the internet..... lets just say that none of the subjects are appropriate for dinner conversation)

I learned that standing in line for this exhibit for 2 hours was definitely worth it even if I had to put up with annoying asian tourists and high school students whom I wanted to beat over the head with their Dooney and Burke clutches.

I learned that Sunday night dinner at Raku with "The Fam" as my friend T put it, (Chip +Dale +T&A, also known as the twin towers) was just the amount of good food I needed to gear up for the week ahead, I've been warned of hellish hours and menial crap this week from various co-workers.... effing sweet.... bring it b*tches.


Anonymous said...

Where is the PostSecret Exhibit being shown?

Dale said...

Unfortunately yesterday was the last day and it was at 33 and M in DC.

Dudley said...

Oh yes lady, friday night was DIVINE and exactly what the doctor ordered! Though I must say, the wine glasses we were drinking out of were borderline oppressive - they never ended (and it was FANTASTIC!) Pinot Noir is my new wine-o-choice!

Anonymous said...

I don't get movies like, SAW, SAW 2, Hostel, and the like. They are just disturbing and gory. It's all about the intensity and over-the-top brutality. Are that many people that interested in seeing these types of movies? There seems to be a bunch of them coming out now.