Thursday, January 12, 2006

There's so much static in here I pick up everything but boys and money

I just like that quote a whole lot.

So I am now P.O'd at MW for snubbing me. Not only did I look good on saturday night and take a good picture, so did Mr. Bartender and neither one of us were featured in the gay page 6. And it aint like the clientele was that attractive to begin with.... save myself and Mr. Sassy Pants
The last time I was in MW was........... ummmm I think when I was 19 and aquiesced to be a coverboy and NO I didn't email requesting, the photographer was out at Sadlands and came up to me while I was shaking my be-glittered, mid-rif wearing self.... praise be to all that's good and holy that I don't do that anymore. PS comparing those pictures to more recent ones, I looked positively fetal when I was 19, plus apparently when I first start to tan I have freckles... who knew?

As I was talking to Ms. Dudley last evening about the random stream of conciousness that was going through my head while enjoying the champagne of beers (Natty Light) I've come to the conclusion to slightly amend my social behavior regarding gentleman callers. I think I, along with The Boy, am going to try to be a little bit more grown up about my interactions and try to be a little more..... what's the word.... mature. Jesus I'm old (at the ripe age of 23). I'm definitely not looking for an insta-bf but the whirlwind of social activity has left me wanting something else. Bonus points for
  1. Smelling like clean laundry (don't know why it melts my butter but there you are)
  2. Height comparable... I'm 6'2"and a half so anything over 5'9" ish I can deal with... this isn't a deal breaker but bonus point.
  3. Dogs over cats... again not a deal breaker but lets be real, dogs are far superior.
  4. Knows how to make a good Bombay martini, dirty, dry, and up
  5. Good manners, I can't stress enough how much minding your p's and q's makes any day a good day.

That is all, I'm sure there's more..... like being a multimillionaire who wants to dress me solely in diamonds and pearls.... but I mean, don't I deserve that kind of treatment???

Also.... conversation between me and Monsieur Chip this morning after I divulged that in my sleepy stupor this morning I neglected to wear a belt to work:

Dale: allright, no more IM'ing, I'm gonna be productive a.k.a. look for yummy recipes on foodnetwork online

Chip: I still don't know what they pay you for

Dale: Because I'm pretty, I add to the ambiance

Chip: Nothing is pretty beltless honey


Dop said...

I used to joke that somewhere in DC there was a room wallpapered with my pictures from MW. I hold the record on the largest picture taken/not published ratio of anyone in DC. The photographers love me - the editors hate me. My picture was snapped probably 40 times over the 10 years I was there. It made it in twice.

Dale said...

Yeah I wonder what conversation took place to edit me out... stupid queens.

Although, seeing as how I was on the date from H-E double hockey stick and said gentleman was on me like a used car salesman in the picture it's probably for the best.

Taylor said...

i made it in there three times in my first year in DC last year. HOWEVER, two pics were from the two times that I have ever darkened the door of the DC Eagle (you can spot me, I'm the guy in the bright pink gingham shirt), and one at Apex (Sadlands to you longer-term DCites). The Apex one wasn't bad, I was just too shiny for words.

VP of Dior said...

fresh laundry smell rocks my world. so much better than the "been out all night and ate 20 taquitos from 7-11" smell.