Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wasting away again in Margaritaville

Ok So I, after a 5 hour, 3 stop flight, am now back in the cold dreary world of DC, after having one of the best vacations I have ever had in my entire life. I'll give a better recap tomorrow once my brain has caught up with my body and I'm fully unpacked, and I figure out how to upload random pictures taken with my oh so new and shiny digital camera (Which I've already dropped once as a result of actions involving me, tequilla, and body shots on a bar)

I would like to now augment my last post of Key Things I learned on my vacation with round 2.

6). The second 190 Octane slushy at Fat Tuesdays may not be a good idea, but the third and the fourth certainly are.... especially with the optional extra shot! and the festive coozies that they come in are complimentary to many colors of beachwear!

7). Everyone in Key West is uber Preppy or Uber Trashy, seeing as how all my pictures involve me and my godparents/godcousins/sister in pastel polo shirts and khakis, girls with their pearls and boys with their ribbon belts, we fit into the former. However I saw more mullets there than in rehomo... SHOCKING.

8). Conch is delicious in fritter, chowder, and salad form.

9). Quotes from the week include:

"Now boys, you really need to mix these margaritas with more tequila. We have Two handles to go through and only 3 days left!" (My godmother to me and my godcousin)

"Ok everyone here's the schedule, Pre cocktail drinks at Fat Tuesdays, cocktails by the pool, wine with dinner, and then all you kids can go out to the bars.... everyone set? (Godmother again to all us young'uns)

"I have 8 on my boobs and 4 on my face, I should be set right?" (My godcousin who shortly thereafter burned the craaaaaaaaaaap out of her ta ta's.) PS I stick with 15 till I develop my base then I go au naturale.... scary huh?

10). After a week of pictures, tanning, going out every night, and hanging out with my fam, my sister and I look like hawaiian boat people that a nice waspy family had taken under it's wing... good times.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Dale!
Your Godmom sounds awesome! ha ha
Conch fritters...yum!

Taylor said...

Hawaiian boat people ... LOVES IT!

I'm spending MLK weekend in Ft. Lauderdale ... I'm cheap ass and couldn't redeem any Marriott points in Key West that weekend, so I'm keeping it mainland-style. Salt water and tanning, here I come!