Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend Roundup.... Hurricane of Randomness

Sorry if this post seems jumbled.... I'm taking a Mental Health Day and I'm feeling kind of jumbled at the moment myself.

Friday saw me start out at Georgia Browns where I saw myself a real bonafied movie star.... yes ladies and more ladies, I saw Christian Campbell, brother of party of five star Neve, star of the movie Trick, and sweet jaysus christ on a cracker if I didn't swoon and almost pass out right there... and by pass out I mean I whipped out my phone and proceeded to call EVERY gay man in my phone. Yeah I schvitzed myself almost and have a low quality digital picture of myself and mr. campbell taken by my phone. PS, he is oh so hot and will now be my new boyfriend.

After that debacle I went over to Lauriol Plaza where I was to meet Chip and our group of friends who were celebrating the return of one of our friends to the DC area. None of our party was there when we got there so I picked out a cute stranger and flirted with him. We may or may not have plans this week it is unclear at this moment in time, italian, blue eyes, v. cute.

After el fiesta de Lauriol, Chip, our friend D, and I headed over to Cobalt which was D-E-A-D, except for seeing the boy turning a cute dance move, I'd say the night was pretty much uneventful.

Saturday night I was going to go bowling but lucky strike in MCI was not having it apparently (4 hour wait for a lane? I think not) so we went and got shlockered at RFD and then in AdMo.

Sunday brunch at Beacon Grill is delectable, as I went with Mr. Taylor who is a gentleman and can keep up with the big girls at the all you can drink mimosa/bloody mary bar. We then watched Bring It On, because I'm that gay, and had a loverly afternoon.

Sunday evening was dinner with the rents...... nuf said.

My plans to go to NYC this coming weekend were dashed but we shall see what develops....


A Unique Alias said...

You were going to go to NYC this coming weekend? I'm heading up too, with RC.

You should make it happen, and then we can go to all kinds of bars in New York, being all "New York Sucks! DC Does Not! You guys are jerks, hah-hah-hah!"

Man, that'd be so awesome. *sigh*

Cornelius said...

Just discovered your blog...fucking hilarious. What kickball team were you guys on, I was the official drunken cheerleader/shit-talker for my friend's team this past summer.