Monday, June 12, 2006

Bon Voyage!!!

Pride: my body still hurts. more later.

Tomorrow Chip is moving to Ecuador, let us all wish him good luck, lots of fun, and well wishes!! DC won't be the same this summer, and McDonalds sales figures on 17th st at 2 in the morning will take a dramatic decrease.



aklsdjhfa said...

Trick, please. Who ended their weekend with a trip to the Gold Arches...?

Dale said...

ps.... I don't care what you say, McDonalds at 2 in the morning is not a good choice.

VP of Dior said...

good luck chip!

Polt said...

Best of luck, Chip! Still don't know why anyone would voluntarily go to Ecuador, but hey, whatever flips your switch, i guess!

Bon voyage!

Anonymous said...


That has to be a terrible joke. No going away party?! No fair warning? Good Gawd, that sucks!

If it's true, Chip, and you're heading to Ecuador, best of luck. You'll be a smash there, just as here.