Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Five......... Sayonara Suckers!

1). Today is my last day of my job. I'm taking almost two weeks off. During said time I will be sleeping in, sunning, and decorating jumanji. Be jealous.... be very jealous

2). My car was almost stolen Wednesday.... in a parking lot in the suburbs... I totally confronted the gentleman as it was broad daylight.... did I turn on my diva switch and get my keys back? you betcha!!

3). It's a good thing I wasn't entirely too open about my "social" life last night at cactus cantina after the third glass of sangria..... oh wait.

4). If you haven't yet, put it in your calendar to see The Vodka Manx at the Science Club, wicked good tunes and really chill atmosphere... I will definitely be a repeat offender at said location.

5). Myself and one of my best friends are unable to be employed when the other is not, she quit as of today..... thank god I'll have someone to make fun of Rachel Ray with during the day while I'm relaxing next week!!!!


Subway State (A-Ron of The Vodka Manx) said...

You can find more info about us at

It was great meeting you last night too!!!


aklsdjhfa said...

Please don´t tell me that the stories of your "social life" included a churro...

Dale said...

A-Ron: oh good, I couldn't find a good link for the Vodka Manx, Glad to meet you!!!

Chip: since I don't speak mexican I'll assume that a churro includes civilized conversation and a nice chianti, none of which pertained to my "social-ness"