Monday, June 05, 2006

The weekend, fun, sun, shopping.... duh.

Friday night I'd like to thank all the ladies that came out to help me culminate the celebration week of my birth at JR's. This may or may not include one gentleman who, as reported by other sources on Saturday socialized not once, but twice in one of the bathrooms. Now that's Klass. I actually was sober sally Friday night.... what? me? in control of my faculties? who knew? God maybe I am getting old. Although I did redeem myself by mayhaps going to Chaos to see the trannie performer with big glittery pasties over her nipples, I thought I was going to get shanked by a sandanista or something. I also ended the night in true Lady fashion...... Amsterdam Falafel with extra hummus duh.

Saturday I had brunch with this lady, saw a fellow blogger as he was on his way out from the same establishment. I would have gotten up but I was looking a little rough and not about to draw attention to this fact. I then did my cardio for the week, also known as going into a furniture store after being recommended to by this fantastic gentleman, and pulling out my tiara with the following convo:

Dale: Hi, I'd like this futon with this mattress and I want this mattress cover made for me, oh and I don't do assembly so thanks for taking care of that.

Salesman: That's the quickest anyone has ever come in here and bought a futon. Do you want to look at the cost estimate?

Dale: No thanks, here's my card, I'm going to go pick out some more stuff....

apparently brunch and a bloody mary on a saturday turns me into La Lohan.

I had family dinner Saturday night with a couple of my best friends, mucho vino was had and then apparently we went out in AdMo for a little heterosexual-fabulosity. Much of the night remains a mystery much like Jared Leto's sexuality, however I will report that I woke up next to an empty box that may have contained jumbo slice at one point.

Fast forward to brunch with various friends and were standing in front of a table at a restaurant in admo waiting for a table, and honestly watching this guy break up with his gf at brunch. Obviously were trying to hear what they're saying as duh, if you're dumb enough to stick around while your bf is trying to break up with you in public then you will be the source of my entertainment.... duh.

Rest of sunday= recovery and family dinner at sushi... and viewing of Big Love which I heart. PS gay men could never have a polygamous situation, those are called orgies.... duh.


jimbo said...

Hope you like your new futon, Lindsay!

Dale said...

Jimbo....thanks darling but who's lindsay?

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

I love Big Love. That show is craaaaayzie.