Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Now THAT's what I call a dream

I don't usually remember my dreams but this one was loud, proud, and in color!!

Picture it, new orleans (no clue why), and myself, Chip, our friends Joe (who for some reason had a mullet), the ladies known as the Twin Towers, and my friend C who is dating one of the twin towers were all celebrating something which has also yet to be determined. For most of the dream I'm freaking out that I should be going home because I have an non-linear geometry exam this coming friday... thankfully I'm smart enough even in dream form to realize that I graduated in 2004.... I'm so smart S-M-R-T.

Anyways, for whatever reason, it's also Gay Pride so Chip and I decide to go to a drag show which as I recall was fabulous. But who has the best table in the house? You guessed it, Carol Schwartz. I got a little excited and we stayed to enjoy the show.

We go back to the celebration with the rest of our friends and guess who shows up?? La Schwartz, obviously she'd heard about our party and wanted to join in. I actually remember thinking.... wow, I bet The Boy is going to be wicked jealous when he finds out I was hanging with Carol, maybe I should call him... nah, he never picks up his phone anyways. Then who shows up?? Eleanor Holmes Norton, duh.

Carol has to excuse herself for a menthol, Chip joins her as no lady should smoke outside alone, and I ran and got my camera and joined the pair. The following conversation ensued

LaSchwartz: So Holmes, what'd you do tonight? I was at the most fabulous drag show
EHN: Oh I stayed in and watched some TV
LaSchwartz: You should definitely go sometime, it's so much fun.
EHN: That's not really my style.
LaSchwartz: EHN, don't be such a f*cking b*tch.

Some people dream of flying.... Some people dream of getting a piece.... apparently I dream of DC council members / non-voting DC reps in Congress...


Dop said...

It could have been worse - they could have been naked.

JP said...

You're so lucky. I have to keep my dreams to myself. Folks just look at me like I farted on dinner when I mention them. Your's are interesting.
Looks like we're both going to change jobs soon...Wish we were in the same town...we could be "Ladies who lunch".

Dale said...

Dop: True, nothing cements my homosexuality like thinking about LaSchwartz naked on a chaise lounge, smoke spiraling above her head beladen with chunky earings and necklaces!

JP: well I don't usually remember my dreams and if I do it's the recurring one where I'm in some sort of parade with a crown on top of a cake waving to people....not exactly convo material. Awww shame you aren't around DC I'm totally going to be a lady of leisure for a while!

The Boy said...

I'm not always there when you call....but I'm always on time.


Anonymous said...

The last dream I can remember is me being eaten by lions.
That is why I usually try to drink a lot so i don't dream at all.

Polt said...

This has nothing to do with dreams, but get this:

I always read your blog at work (he I gotta do SOMETHING there, right?) Well, this week, it's blocked! Why is it blocked you ask? ADULT!

WTF????How does YOUR blog get blocked for being adult but I still have access to is that CRAZY or what???

They also blocked Fresh N Tasty from me a few months ago for Porn? PORN? Oh this is crazy!

stupid shits in IT......

Dale said...

The Boy: Yeah you're on time like the prom queens period.... just jokes!!

CC: wow lady!

Polt: I guess I'm too saucy for the IT people... I'll take that as a compliment