Thursday, June 01, 2006

Now that I'm old I'm wise

I'm officially a year older and dammit if I haven't learned a couple of pieces of wisdom. Either because I have great people in my life that bring them to my attention or because as I traverse this path, I learn more and more about how to become a little bit more comfortable in my crown.

I was reminded last week when one of my best friends said, "you know I don't think you realize how many people love you," sometimes when you're in a dark place you forget that you're never alone because there's always someone that cares enough to walk with you. P.S. I'm also reminded of the West Wing anecdote:

There once was a man who found himself in a hole and he couldn't get out.
A priest walks by and said, "I will pray for you," and walked away.
A carepenter walked by and said, "I will go find wood and build you a ladder," and walked away.
A friend came by and immediately jumped in the hole.
The man said "what are you doing?"
The friend replied, "I've been down here before, follow me, I know the way out."

Wearing a shirt that exposes your mid-riff is never ok. for anyone. ever.

Ice-luges and I do not get along. at all.

Working 7 days a week is not a good way to alleviate boredom brought about by saturday during the day with nothing to do, even if you do get to dispense more sass than RuPaul at a drag queen convention.

Sometimes we burn bridges for a reason. Good reasons. and those bridges should stay burned.

Sandals with socks makes the baby jesus cry.


The Boy said...

Happy Birthday Lady!

Polt said...

"Sandals with socks makes the baby jesus cry."


Ohmygod, Dale, you crack me up. I can always count on a dale-ism to brighten an otherwise, tedious day.

Dale said...

TB: Thanks honey! I'm so grown up!

Polt: he he he he thanks darlin!

Alan said...

Happy birthday! You are indeed very wise. I almost left the house tonight in a mid-riff, sandles and socks. Thank God I stopped by here first.

Anonymous said...

Sandals with socks makes the baby Jesus cry.

That is fucking hysterical! Can I borrow that next time I go to REI... or stage a fashion intervention.

Hateful, Party of One said...

Your bridge burning comment is truly inspiring and appreciated with regards to a couple of bridges I burned yesterday. Thanks

Dale said...

S&C: good move lady, glad I could be of assistance

EF: Of course you can use it darlin, the pearls of wisdom are meant for all.

HPOO: I'm such an arsonist when it comes to that crap.