Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What DIDN'T happen this weekend

Pride is a magical time full of hope, full of love, full of vodka..... lot's of vodka.

Friday night Chip and I went with a couple of other ladies to JR's and then to Halo, where I was reminded how small this city is when one lady commented about "socializing" with another lady in the backseat of their fathers mercedes, and the lady in question happened to be the current bf of one of the other people in the group.... yeah can you say awkward??

Saturday was the last lazy Chip/Dale saturday for a very long time, in sweats and a hoodie I traversed with Chip who actually managed to look presentable to P. City to get some last minute things for his trip, I admire Chip for being able to go to Ecuador but any country that requires me to have mosquito netting is really just not for me.... and having had to use it previously in my travels I can just say it is one of the most annoying things to roll over in bed just to end up with a mouth full of mosquito netting.

The parade... everyone was there... Ms. Carol Schwartz all a glitter in her green print blouse and requisite chunky jewelery. We had long islands, that may have been a bad choice. Chip may or may not have yelled at a girl who was standing in his way, and then made fun of her, and then realized she was deaf....sweet. Oh and some lady came up to me started screaming from recognizing me and this blog from a picture from an unknown location (probably porn) and stroked my ego more than a baby kitten. I ended that night at JR's, I was going to go to blowoff but due to extenuating circumstances that didn't happen so much as not.

Sunday was the main event, my parents brunch.... I started drinking at 10am and didn't stop till about 10 pm.... that was ridic. Thankfully everything went off without a hitch and the staff at the locale was very accomodating to me read ( they bowed in fear...IN FEAR). After which was a trip to a watering hole in my neck of the woods and many of the blogerati were in attendance, which was followed by JR's where I was accused of not wearing underwear several times... my response?? "Of course I'm wearing underwear.... I'm a LADY."

Obvy called in sick on monday, Accepted a job offer, watched some blockbuster, accepted a date offer from a gentleman whom I'd given my number to at the parade and don't remember doing such a thing. I remember him as cute, we shall see what develops. my kickball team dominated the field... and then we said goodbye to Senor Chip for the summer, hopefully he won't get eaten by a llama while in Ecuador.


Polt said...

Sounds like you had a good time too...and not just at the parade.

You say you think you guys were very close to us? Behind me I saw a group of four older guys in thier 60's or more, and next to them, I recall see an Asian, but I don't recall any details of his clothes or anything (I WAS watching the parade in front of me after all). Could that have been you? Did I miss an encounter with royalty? DAMN!

In FEAR....heheheh, you always make me laugh.

Dale said...

Polt... there is a very good chance that that was us, my friends uncles who I believe are in their 50's (I thought 60's too) were there and so were a bunch of other people. I'm pretty easy to pick out of a crowd, how many 6'3" asians are running around.

Polt said...

I don't really remember how tall the Asian I saw was, I was kinda concentrating on the half naked men in front of me. But to think it might have been you, and I might have missed out on a brush with royalty....DAMN!

Ya know, if YOU had been half naked, well, then I'm fairly certain I WOULD have remembered you. Just a suggestion for next year, perhaps? :)

Aunt Sassy said...

I admit, I screamed at you at the parade. But my friends and I had been drinking since 11. We have some ab-fab pics of you and Chip and your hot friend with the to-die-for eyes. It was good to finally meet you!

Dale said...

Auntsassy: It was great to meet you as well, I didn't mean to sound like a jerk it was honestly just a really funny interaction, totally made my day.

If you get a chance email us the pics we'd love to see them! (charmcity2k5@gmail.com)