Monday, June 19, 2006


So ok, tornado of crazy doesn't begin to describe what's going on right now.... this weekend was no different.

If someone asks you to do a shot of tequilla with them at Fox and Hounds, don't do it. It will no doubt put you in a bad bad place as one shot apparently translates to half a water glass at F&H.

Groups of straight girls from the vag should not be allowed in the gayborhood after dark unaccompanied by a card carrying gay man who lives in DC or lesbian who lives in DC.

Actual convo had by myself and a friend whom I don't see often, on Saturday:

Dale: So what's new?
Friend: ummm since we talked last (bout a month ago) me and my bf got domestic partnerized and he got a job in (country that's not the US) and we're moving there in a month
Dale: ummmm wow...well.... I bought a futon....

This morning I just got word that a friend from college that I haven't talked to in a couple years died saturday night. I'm still kinda shell shocked but in more of a "holy sh*t" place than a crying place, one of those "I feel bad because I don't feel worse" type situations.... I don't even know how it happened but she was only 27..... life sure as sh*t aint fair sometimes.

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