Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Five..... Birthday Address!!!!!

I have been fortunate enough to have friends and family help me celebrate this past week of the anniversary of my birth, which, btw was referred to in WaPo horoscope section as the "day of royal birth" coincidence?? Obvy not... Obvy.

1). My grandfather and great aunt (who now having lost what mental faculties she has left can't really eat or talk so will no longer be called crazy, she will now be referred to as the Dowager Aunt) took me out to dinner at a chinese restaurant, and in an effort to get the Dowager Aunt to smile my grandfather picked up a fork instead of chopsticks and said... "Look at me (Dowager Great Aunt) I'm a (japanese derogatory term for white people)." She smiled.... I nearly crapped myself, good thing my family is SO PC.

2). My sister or La Principessa, has threatened to go all artsy fartsy and make some sort of amalgamation of sweatpants and puffy paint for my birthday. If I get a pair of sweats that reads Hot Stuff across the butt I swear I'm going to replace her shampoo with nair. Either that or wear them out to JR's three weeks in a row.

3). My Father, for a father son birthday present, is taking me shopping...... at Calvert Woodley Liquor store. I love my daddy.

4). This weekend is the first full weekend I have that I'm not working at SRL, I will be spending much if not all of that time in bed, save for the audience I will be having with the event coordinator at the location for my parents 30th anniversary. I use that term very loosely as I've been responsible for menu selection, wine selection, cake design, flower arrangements, seating arrangements. I will be interviewing wait staff and scheduling the time and order of all the food..... I'm sorry but I'm a queen that knows what she wants, and a big enough b*tch to demand it.

5). I have been gay-beaten (see brow-beaten of the gay variety) into going out one last time in celebration of the anniversary of my reign. Apparently I will be gracing the runway (17th st.) so if one is mayhaps to be out in said area and sees me in all my regal glory (read: drunk and having mcDonalds in one hand and Amsterdam Falafel in the other) do not judge me.


Raincouver said...

Happy Birthday!

Polt said...

wow...could you family adopt me? I'm jealous.