Monday, June 05, 2006

Forewarned is Fairwarned

1) I have no idea why I feel like posting, but I do.

2) I am back in town after a four day wedding celebration in Memphis, and I will need much time to recover. I know most people who read this blog frown on Virginia, so I can only imagine how they feel about the Midwest, but Memphis is still one of my absolute favorite cities! *Cue the Marc Cohn...

3) Today is my last day of work!

4) Chasing a shot of vodka with whiskey on the rocks is not advisable. Dancing like a fool at large gatherings (especially weddings) however, is strongly encouraged!

5) I am in love with my new "Ms. New Booty" ring tone.

6) Graceland is WAY overrated. Random fun (or lame) fact: Elvis's motto was "Takin' care of business in a flash" and memorialized this motto with the notation TCB over a bolt of lightning. This symbol appears on his planes, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog, among over things.

7) The perfect way to end a four day glutton fest of eating and drinking in excessive amounts is to take a cab from the airport directly to Adam's Mill for 25 cent wings and $2.00 beers, of course.

8) I move to Ecuador one week from tomorrow!


JP said...

some huh? Equador? Nuh-uh! I refuse to accept this. Like the snorks or pogs or anything Fran Dresher, I refuse to accept this...Say it ain't so!

Carrie Broadshoulders said...


Polt said...

Ecuador? You're moving to Ecuador? What's in Ecuador?

Imagine what all that heat and humidity will do to your hair!

And while short, swarthy men can be kinda attractive, is that all you want to have to choose from?

Chris said...

bootie bootie bootie bootie rockin' everywhere....

Ok those are the only lyrics that I know. But I really wish they'd get out of my head.

Chip, don't catch malaria while you are in Ecuador, I hear it is a nasty disease.