Monday, February 13, 2006

Anything is possible

Things that I learned were possible this weekend:

As if the current administration wasn't doing enough to royally screw us all over, now they've stooped to just out and out trying to kill us, according to WaPo..... I'm so over dubya and his cronies, I don't care if your daughter IS a card carrying mo.

Friday night I had a family values moment and stayed in by myself to watch a film that is under the category of "don't talk to me movies" These are films that you can zone out to but by no means do you want to interact with anyone during the showing of this film. My poison of choice for friday was This Movie, '(which I enjoy being all science geeky and coming up with reasons why the film isn't feasible given todays scientific knoweledge) combined with a convo prior with Senor Chip who was still enjoying the retirement laden communities of FL. Oh also I hearted my homemade cincinatti chili and beer left over from the super bowl....Sometimes a family values moment is just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday after waking up and hitting el gymnaso as I like to start my weekends, I headed over to Mr. Taylor's abode where we viewed a movie that is near and dear to my heart, both as someone who grew up below the Mason Dixon line and a gay man..... that's right ladies.... Steel Magnolias. Combined with alcohol and greasy chinese food, good times was had by all. And at more than once during the viewing Taylor would chime in with "Drink your juice Shelby." which obviously almost made me snarf my voddles and tonic.

Saturday evening I along with Mr. Taylor went to meet up with all of these ladies at an establishment that I, as a true lady, pure and virginal, don't frequent... that would be an establishment that focused on the gyration of the naked male form to bad techno music. Seeing as how it was one of the ladies birthdays and that due to stadium building these establishments will soon be defunct, I figured why the heck not.

P.S. it is possible to stay entirely classy at one of these establishments as I obviously did by not coming into contact with any of the furniture or bar. Oh also, let me just say that I find absolutely nothing hot about male strippers, so you're naked, where's the fun of the chase in that? Although my slitty little asian eyes got bigger than Monica Lewinskys at an all you can eat buffet when I saw one of the "entertainers" perform auto-fellatio.... if you don't know what it is, let me just say this.... wow.... and I was in the circus so I've seen my share of body bending ridiculousness. I think my running commentary went something like... "Wait is he trying to.... oh no he can't..... that's not going to work..... I'd congratulate him but I don't want to be anywhere near that freakshow."

P.S. walking home from the establishment in the snow through the ghetto will go down in history on my list of "wow that was a bad idea."

I spent Sunday being a domestic goddess aka sitting on my butt in bed all day and watching old disney movies... jealous? thanks I would be too... :).


Hateful, Party of One said...

it was nice meeting you at the unimpressive strip bar last night. Was the bouffet any good?

Bernie's friend Scott

Dale said...

Thanks darlin it was great to meet you too!!! buffet? Oh there would be no chance I'd be eating anything they served at wet.

RetroDragon said...

Every time I see Sally Field, I start to cry and mutter to myself, "WHY? I want to know WHY?"

Excuse me, I need to go get a tissue...

Chris said...

I too was shocked to see that man auto-fellate. It was like watching a train-wreck, I just couldn't turn away.

PS. There were NO cabs to be found, we ended up taking metro. Which Drunk Chuck was WAY upset about!

Dale said...

Retro: I just want to hit something... I want to hit it, I want to hit it hard!!!!

Chris: I know, how icky was that?? Ew I know, I really need to have the number for a cab service in my phone.