Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Randomness......

I've decided.... I was destined to be a big ole homersexual..... my parents whose 30th anniversary is in a couple months decided that I, along with their visa platinum card, will be planning their event. I'm doing a sit down brunch for 15 btw in a locale in DC to be decided on shortly... any suggestions are welcome. But then I realized something.... their anniversary, the date of their wedding.... yup it's gay pride weekend, coincidence? I think not. Where did they accidentally go to after their reception? A gay bar in georgetown. Things just keep getting weirder. Where was I conceived? (Yes I know it's gross that I know that info but bear with me) oh that's right, Rehomo (Rehoboth Beach). .

P.S. is it wrong that I have the 16 digit account number, the 3 digit security number and the expiration date to the mommy visa memorized??

2). I try, I try and try and try, but I can't get as excited about the winter olympics as I do about the summer olympics. Less sports, more ice, Don't get me wrong I LOOOOOVE watching the bitchy figure skating commentators say crap like "Oooh that death spiral triple toe loop triple axle combination is a favorite of the american judge but the french tend to frown upon such bravado" P.S. Rudy Galindo..... Gay, figure skating, HIV positive man..... wow. all I have to say about that.

3). It is supposed to snow all of 5" this saturday in the D of C. If this was Maine 5 inches aint crap, but in our nations capitol Sh*t be shutting down for a flurry. So on the radio this morning there was talk about getting supplies. What do my supplies consist of? My emergency Gin and Vodka (I actually have emergency bottles of both that I keep hidden in my room). A supply of Digiornos to get me through the tough times, and my Triumvirate of These Three Movies to enetertain me while DC freaks out.

4). My parents want to come to the gay pride parade this year. The following conversation ensued

Dale: You sure you want to come?
Mom: Sure, do we have to get there early to get good seats?
Dale: it's on the street mom.
Mom: Oh, can we buy some sort of private seating? I don't like standing near people.
Dale: Oh don't worry you'll be drunk.
Mom: Well obviously.
Dad: I don't have to wear a dress do I? I'll look like Connie Chung with bad makeup. (We think he was's all unclear)

5). I've already started looking at prospective swimwear trends that I'm going to be a part of in preparation for Beach Sojourns 2k6. I plan on being at the beach 2/3 at least of the weekends this summer as well as an extended stay sometime in late july. All those years as a lifeguard I swear I'm addicted to being in the water and just wearing a swimsuit and flip flops..


The Boy said...

Ohh....what weekend is pride?

And I'll never understand these southern weddings where people go somewhere after the reception. Where I come from the reception IS the after party and usually goes on until 4am.

Dale said...

Pride weekend is June 10-11, I've already taken off work on Monday at the request of another lady who promises that I won't be functional.

Oh and when I meant after the reception I mean just my parents that night before getting on a plane for their honeymoon. Their reception was some garden party in balmer with crabcakes.

Oh, that girl. said...

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS has to be one of my all time favorite movies!!!

Anastacia Beaverhausen said...

I didn't remember that Rudy has the HIV so I googled Rudy Galino and HIV. It came up with an interview he gave with USA Today where he says, "I've made my mistakes, but I want to tell everyone that 'safe sex' is not an empty slogan." Um, huh? Is that his way of saying he's a big ol' bareback bottom? Who ever said that phrase was empty anyway?

Taylor said...

*I had my parents' Visa memorized from the age of like 11. Of course I am the freak who knows all his credit card numbers, all his frequent flyer numbers, etc. Rainman methinks?

*SM - loves it (you know that, Ouiser); DDG - loves it; Rudy - never seen it (go ahead and stop gasping)

*Whole Foods, CVS, 7-11, and three liquor stores within one block of my house ... I am strategically located to tackle anything.

*I hope to make it to the beach this summer locally ... last year I only made it to Charleston, S.C., which was FAB, but still, more is needed.

RoarSavage said...

I know where I was conceived, too: on a family reunion in Texas, (with my grandparents sharing the room, I think). My cousin was conceived on the same trip-- we're born 6 days apart. Wonder what that says about me...?

JP said...

It's gettin cold here too. Houston is gonna freeze the eff over...Rednecks be freakin out! Nothin comapred to your neck of the woods though. Stay warm with your Gin & Voddie. In short, "Shelby drink your Juice."

Dale said...

MPM: You have good taste in movies obviously

Anastacia: Yeah I'm sure Mr. Galindo served as more than one gentlemans luge.....

Taylor: I'm so rainman too....

Rudy is SUCH a good movie... who cries over football? this guy.

True story, which is why I'll be moving in the next couple of months... details to come.

You should join in the homofestivities down in the DE shore!!!

Roar: It's alllllllllllllllll unclear

JP: I'm gonna be swaddled up more than the baby jesus in my bed under my down comforter caressing my gin and voddies as the good lord intended.

Washington Cube said...

Tabard Inn has private rooms
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You can't miss with Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.

Those are two quick thoughts.