Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Huuuuuuuuuuuump Day

A) I really hate popped collars, but "Poppin' My Collar" by Three 6 Mafia is so darn infectiously catchy, I'm hooked!

B) I am already counting down till my Florida vacation. I leave in one week.

C) I am aware that the Blogosphere is not very kind to one of my heroes, miss Rachael Ray. I also understand that Giada of "Everyday Italian" is very popular (I myself am a big fan). A friend of mine insists that Giada is gorgeous. While I would never suggest that Rachael has much sex appeal (although didn't she appear in Maxim or something?), Giada's forehead is SO big! You could fit all of Italy on that noggin. Furthermore, I don't know if you've seen any episodes featuring her husband, but he is a complete clown. Truly. Large forehead aside, Giada is an attractive woman who can cook amazing foods and is almost always sporting some cleavage. Consequently, I have developed a few theories about how she ended up with such a chode:
  • He is very well endowed, fiscally
  • He is very well endowed, physically
  • Giada is TERRIBLE in the sack

Although I have no evidence to prove any of the above theories, I like to believe the last one is true. We can't have anyone showing up my Rachael!

D) I'm in the early stages of planning a major life change (no sex op, sorry) and it absolutely scares me to death. The fact that I am so scared only excites me even more.

E) Part of me thinks homosexuality is nature's way of trying to control population growth.


Dale said...

A). I look so cute in a popped collar, people sometimes stop me in the street.... :)

B). Ew...

C). There is no possibility that Rachel Ray is a minx in the sheets... with all that energy I bet she's done in 2.2 seconds and still has time for a 30 minute meal.

D). I would like to announce to everyone that Chip is about to adopt a Korean baby named Kwan Joy

E). Homosexuality is God's way of assuring that the truly fabulous shouldn't have to be burdened by the responsibility of procreation (we need that time to make the world a prettier place)

VP of Dior said...

observations on giada:

1. she does have a big forehead.
2. she also resembles a praying mantis.
3. i lurve her show and i own the "Everyday Italian" cookbook. it's scrumptious.
4. her husband is OK looking.
5. her wardrobe is courtesy of Anthropologie and for that i say she's one lucky bitch!

Complacent Chase said...

A.) I don't listen to hip hop, so I will have to take your word for it.

B.) Have fun on your vacation!

C.) I love Rachel Ray and Giada! I also am a big fan of Ina Garte, Michael Chiarello, Bobby Flay, Dave Lierberman and Tyler Florence (yummy for so many reasons). I just love the Food Network!

D.) Life change? Hmmm...I am intrigued. Good luck with that!

E.) I know a few breeders that should not be breeding, myself! ha ha

Scot in DC said...

It's not just the forehead the whole head is to big for her petite body. I love me Rachel Ray, Dave Lierberman and Tyler Florence (Chase is so right)...