Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Memos to self

Francis (Imaginary Butler) Please take down this memo and remind me of them in the future.....

1). Don't play eye-sex with a rando consultant at an important meeting just because you're bored out of your gourd, even if he does keep smiling at you and is pseudo attractive.... I mean as attractive as men get in this city anyways.

2). Always bring your day planner with you to meetings, you look intelligent when it appears that you're cross checking dates of future meetings when in actuality you're scheduling your social agenda for the next 4 weekends and coming up with tentative schedules for apartment hunting and shopping and beach trips for the summer (PS I'm totes addicted to my day planner).

3). A Scalding hot shower, a Digiorno Pizza, and a bottle of Red Wine can make most bad days into good evenings.

4). Even though I am a jaded, embittered, hateful person, receiving a VD card from my 6 year old cousin which has a picture of a kitten on the front and reads "What do you get when you cross my good looks with your charming personality??? The PURR-fect Princess." Ahh the force of fabulousness is strong in that one... I must teach her well.

5). Of all days don't watch This Movie, followed up by This Movie(Except for the pseudo-porn.... I'm ok with that part) when you're gay and single on VD....

6). On black tuesday, after finishing the bottle of wine and watching said movies... it was the best idea of the evening to turn off the cell phone and get off IM before spending a little quality time with your favorite olympians before bed (which made for some smile inducing dreams)... nothing like avoiding making a drunk dial/IM to complete your evening.


RetroDragon said...

"A Beautiful Thing" gets me every time. The dancing, the tears. Sigh..

I spent VD at the gym, surrounded by a fairly attractive crowd, making me wonder what the hell we were all doing there and pondering setting up some sort of dating service between us: "Joe, you run a six-minute-mile and Nancy, you spend an hour a day on the eliptical machine. You've got to have something in common. And, you, hot guy, yes, you, the one by the rowing machine, don't you go anywhere. We need to, um, talk about, um, squats, or something..."

JP said...

I love the soundtrack to Beautiful thing...It's all Mama Cass, who resides in the "Dead but still fab" category.
I agree with you though, you shouldn't glurp down a box of Franzia and watch those two movies back to back...Miss Gurl, what were you thinking? By they way, keep the eye thing with randoes at work, there's fun to be had in the chase.

Asian Mistress said...

Number 2 - totally me! A girl has got to keep her social engagements in check!

Number 5 - I really want to see Latter Days. My friend says it's GREAT.

Number 6 - Jeremy Bloom is HOT. He's on the cover of the magazine Cargo this month too.