Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tasty little tidbits

Yesterday before I was all set to depart for dinner with crazy asian relatives I read Anderson Cooper's 360 Blog for Wednesday February 15 entitled "Wasps enlisted in war on terror" which you can read by going here. Now why did the following scenario run through my head.... a bunch of people from Connecticut in cable knit sweaters and pastel polos along with khakis and a high ball walking through Iraq saying things like "This place looks nothing like the hamptons" and "Oooh buffy lets go and get some local hummus." "Allright Stewart but only if it's fat free, you know I've got pilates later..." The whole insect thing never dawned on me. Maybe because both scenarios are equally ridiculous, because from what I understand only God has been able to pull off the plague of insects, and I think dubya's got to master public speaking before he can unleash the seven plagues.

I went to the rent's house first before heading out to sushi dinner with crazy asian relatives and pour myself a nice glass of red and go upstairs to see my mom who's been home sick with an ear infection and I hear her talking on the phone to her doctor....

"I took a valium and chased it with some white wine.... I mean jesus what do I have to do to effing knock myself out??" Ahhh so THAT's where I get it from.

I was reminded of This Song which Mr. Nelson has released in light of bareback... I mean brokeback mountain. The first time I hear some queen at remmies sing it I swear I'll cut a b*tch.


Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

When I read the headline, my mind drew the same interpretation as yours. Tee hee!

Cornelius said...

I don't know about you but I just got the cutest body armor set from J. Crew, it has little golden retrievers embroidered it. I am totes up for a little vacay.