Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tales from the Sunshine State

I am back from Florida, and although the weather was less than desirable, it sure beat the snow DC got over the weekend. I like to think this weekend's "blizzard" was Mother Nature's way of saying she missed me, and I should never leave the northeast again. Mother Nature, what a joker!

The high on Sunday in Florida was 58 degrees. DC had warmer weather than that in January... Needless to say, I did not go to the beach at all.

That's not entirely true, one day my buddy and I ventured up to colorful Ft. Myer's beach. A friend of my parents recommended I make the trip: "They even have a Hooters up there!" Great, fake boobs and bad wings all up in my grill. Thanks, but no thanks. (these same friends also asked if I had a "gal" up in DC. "Gal." Do people actually use that word?) Ft. Myer's is like the Dirty Jeerz, but a lot smaller. It left much to be desired, but it did kill some time, and I don't know why, but I took about 10 pictures of a Pelican.

The main problem of the trip to Florida is that without the beach, or even the pool, there really wasn't much to do. At one point, my friend was checking out some guys on the beach who were skim boarding. They were so not even legal, vom. Although there were no water-related activities, there was an outlet mall less than 5 miles from the house...

Is anyone familiar with Restless Leg Syndrome? I saw an ad for R.L.S. and a new medically developed chair that is supposed to alleviate this syndrome. Are you serious? I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. I want to meet someone who openly admits to being afflicted with R.L.S. It's the new A.D.D.!

Somewhat recently, I learned that Britney was going to be on Will & Grace as a Christian chef with a segment entitled "Cruci-fixins" on Jack's fictional gay network Out TV. Well, now this part of the show will never air, thanks to the American Family Association. I know the Blade reported this story already, but organizations like the AFA make me sad to be alive. Then I get over it.

Small children should only be allowed onto airplanes if they ride with the cargo. No exceptions.

One night my friend and I ate at a fine establishment called "Big Al's Sports Bar & Grill." South Park anyone?

It's good to be back...

Big Gay Sister arrives on Friday!!!


Anastacia Beaverhausen said...

My dad and sister both have restless leg syndrome. It really does suck for them. They never sleep.

Welcome back to DC.. even though I don't live there any more so I'm not welcoming you "back...." Um ok, I'll shut up.

Dale said...

1). At least you weren't in the weather nastiness that was DC last week

2). What is it with us and people last week thinking we were a) straight and b)involved... I guess were that butch...or they were that crazy

3). I'm so over britney.

Taylor said...

OMG, I tots agree with you regarding Florida in the cold. I stayed over MLKjr weekend in Fort Lauderdale after a week of balmy upper 70s in Miami (of course I was working that week so I couldn't enjoy). Then BOOM, coldfront and like 60 degree weather and high winds. If you can't go to the beach or pool, then what is the point of Florida? It's just trashy people and strip malls!

Britney is turning into all those girls that I went to high school with, seriously. What were all you queen Britney fans thinking, you know that you can't take trash out the trailer!

Bernie said...

Welcome back Chip! Sorry the weather wasn't better for your trip. Not to be selfish, but I hope that you brought that cool weather back from Florida with you while I am down there this weekend!

aklsdjhfa said...

No worries, Bernie. It's supposed to be 81 by Thursday or Friday. It's very possible I hit Florida on the coldest weekend they'll have all year. Top 5 for sure.