Monday, February 20, 2006

Grumble Grumble Grumble

I'd post about the fantastic time I had this weekend with all of these fantastic people , however I'm currently running on about 3 hours of sleep due to the fact that apparently my house turned into MTV spring break last night with people partying till the wee hours in the morning despite my repeated attempts to communicate that not all of us are blessed with a federal holiday schedule and do need to be in and functional at 8am on Monday. Sweet.... effing sweet.

1). I don't look or feel cute when I'm this tired, and I will have on my ice queen stare of death look all day. No wonder the boys at the bars are afraid of me.

2). I'm prone to be a hateful hateful b*tch

3). I need to avoid anyone that wants my actual opinion on something... because I'm too tired to filter what's going on in my head and I may give it to them.... bring the coworkers with the "do these pants make me look fat" questions... I dare you.

I BETTER be getting some sleep tonight, cuz this week aint gonna be slow.... dinner party, happy hour, recup night number one, no clue night number two, and then party and monster truck rally..... I could really use a backrub, martini, and cuddle buddy right now.


JP said...

I've been you...It's terrible. Hope it doesn't turn into too much of a "shove your head in the oven" type of day. I had to come into work too...I feel ya.

Dale said...

not so much my head in the oven as much as those that kept me up all night.

Working in a town where EVERYBODY else has off today doesn't help...

pity party of one...calling of one.

Asian Mistress said...

Or as I say, right now I could use a massage, a drink, and a man.

Or a massage from a drunken man. Ya know, I'm not picky.


Hope your day gets better! I'm at work too.

Taylor said...

That baby looks like it is taking a crap. Either that or she's just been to see Santa (that what I looked like after a trip to see the mall Santa growing up). Where on earth do you get all these pictures?