Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hump Day Randomness

Dinner and a movie, or Ladies Who Dine, was a complete success with the help of these fantastically fabulous ladies. We toasted to the ladies that couldn't be there around bottle number four of five after a gorgefest and viewing of one of my favorite movies. I may or may not have taken an entire pie and a pretty much untouched bottle of wine upstairs with me when I went to bed and polished off 3/4 of a pie and an entire bottle of wine myself...... am I embarassed? no. Am I proud? it's unclear.

2). I've read two stories in the style section of WaPo in the past week about Johnny Weir the figure skater who placed fifth in the Olympics. First of all these articles and their authors seem suprised that a figure skater is 1. Gay, and 2. Fabulous. His idol is Christina Aguilera and what is he using the money he's gotten at like disney on ice or whatever for? Louis Vuitton bags. So basically he's a fabulous queen who happens to be a pretty damn good ice skater. I definitely give snaps to anyone who will say in print "I like how my butt looks in them" when referring to a pair of jeans... here's a picture.... you judge for yourself. But I still fail to see what makes this newsworthy...even if it IS the style section.PS he totally need a personal stylist because a red/grey fendi scarf with fingerless fur gloves? you are not lil kim darlin..... and those shades? what are you? Levar Burton on Star Trek?

3). I can't wait for spring.... I'm so over having to douse myself in lotion everytime I go out just so my face doesn't crack into a bazillion pieces. Also, mother nature... whatever I did to make you crap all over DC I'm sorry, I promise to ummmm recycle or something.

4). As the new season approaches I'm beginning the application process for a gentleman caller , for the season to start with, and then we'll see the versatility of transfer abilities to a summer gentleman caller etc. etc. Although the Spring itch and summer freedom are a time honored tradition....hmmmm.....


Taylor said...

Aww, I could feel the love all the way out here in LA LA land when y'all toasted.

The WaPo Style section is still an enigma to me. Their definition of "style" is considerably broad. I read that same article and saw a movie clip on Weir ... that boy is so fabulous he is en fuego.

I always though it was so odd that Levar Burton wore a banana clip as glasses. Of course, he had been excessively perky on Reading Rainbow immediately before so he had the right to do something odd.

RetroDragon said...

The hair could use a little work, too. But, I'm not one to talk, so I won't.

Ah, summer freedom: always gets me into trouble.

Dale said...

Taylor: I heart reading rainbow!! and I will admit it... when I used to go to sleep away camp I'd have my parents ship me the style section of WaPo so I could catch up on the comics.

Retro: Yeah for as much money as he spends on clothes, a day at the spa wouldn't kill the little princess.

And summer time is the perfect time for trouble

Taylor said...

now that i've looked at his pic again, he reminds me of jake shears.