Wednesday, February 08, 2006

File that one under "Ooops!"

1) This morning I woke up roughly 90 minutes late, drunk, and having not packed a single thing for vacation. Cross your fingers I didn't forget anything. I made certain to pack my bathing suit though!

2) Due to my luggage, and my inherent laziness, I took a cab to work. I live in NW and work in NW. Upon approaching the Mall in the direction of SW, I asked the driver to go on a crack run after dropping me off at work. He kindly obliged. Who says DC cabbies aren't the sweetest?

3) My superiors keep sending me emails about work they want me to do. I want to send them a reminder:

"Dear person I could do without,

As you may or may not remember, I am leaving town tonight and will not be back in the office till Wednesday. All of these issues you are bringing to my attention need to be resolved before my return, but cannot be resolved before I leave. Therefore, I really don't care and you should be pestering one of my co-workers.


It makes me laugh that they actually expect me to be productive today. Silly rabbits!

4) My body is cursing a few other gay bloggers for my unexpected and excessive intake of alcohol last night.

5) Last night I confronted my nemesis. Our feud has been developing in my head for a few weeks. The results were not pretty...

6) I'm so gay, the wool of my clothes comes from the sheep of Brokeback Mountain.

7) Pink is my "Hero of the Week" for her new "Stupid Girls" video. Watch it!


Dale said...

Thank jesus you remembered your swimsuit this time!!

RoarSavage said...

Are you gonna post about last nights "not pretty" showdown? Inquiring minds want to know.

RetroDragon said...

I woke up this morning thinking to myself, "The third bar and eighth beer probably tipped last night into the 'bad idea category.'" I'm glad I wasn't alone in my wallowing.

Taylor said...

was everyone there but me??? folks, save these hijinks for the weekend when i can take part ...

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

No! Everyone wasn't there! Some people just keep hearing about these excursions of drunkeness while sitting home not doing anything and not doing anything while sober. It's a travesty.

Rude bitches - all of you. :)

Sharkbait said...

That video is great. Well done and good for her.