Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I don't wanna grow up, I'm a responsibility free kid

Ok.... so remember when you were in HS/Freshman-Sophomore year of college and your biggest responsibility was making sure that there was enough Natty Light/ Beast/Bud light in the fridge and that your 3 friends that you were on a rotating schedule with to attend particle physics with were on the schedule so you actually had something to study from for the midterm?? riiiiight.

Now at one point I'm sure that I was whetting my appetite at the prospect of making grownup decisions like post-college plans, job, housing, being able to you know, "support myself." Yeah I'm over that. Using words like 401k, Down Payment, Interest Rate, Stock Sharing opportunity, and so on and so forth I swear to Cher is giving me wrinkles. P.S. this is the point where I would like to introduce an edict from my throne on high that there will be instituted a subsidized botox plan and I am effing first in line. Me and my girl CC are going to be wrinkle free well into the next century.

I don't know anything about money and frankly, I don't care. I don't want to know what smart allocation of funds is or how I should be organizing my portfolio. All I want is nap time, movie time a la Disney style (PS I have a thing for Disney Movies, don't judge) and snack time, and by snack I mean cocktail time, and by cocktail time I mean vodka straight into my veins.

P.S. - I may or may not have been asked out by a member of the DCPD.... thoughts?


Polt said...

dating a cop can be a good thing...he can get you out of those inconvienient parking tickets and so forth.

And don't forget, he's got his own set of handcuffs...real ones, not the fake kind you buy in those novelty stores!

Taylor said...

I swear CC is like the Asian Dick Clark (except for the whole stroke thing) ... bitch NEVER ages! Maybe it's because she network-hops and is married to a REALLY wrinkley white dude.

I'm wondering at what point it is appropriate to start getting botox. I think I'm relatively wrinkle-free but there is this thing called preventative medicine.

I'm not big on investment-speak, so I steal a page from an infomercial ... "set it, and forget it!"

JP said...

I dates a cop once, back in college. I was kinda into the whole uniform of it all, but as it turned out, he never wore it, never used the cuffs, and was like a, uh, what's the word mamma's lookin for here, oh here it is, A$$HOLE! But maybe you'll get the good cop.

Dale said...

Polt: Meh so can a senator. I don't know if I'm down with dating someone who gets shot at, even if they do have handcuffs.

Taylor: CC and MP live in Maryland so they're obviously fabulous. Oh and I'm totally getting botox by the time I'm thirty, I'm over wrinkles.

JP: Honestly I don't think I'll go out with him for reasons I don't believe I'll broach, however the novelty value is a big plus!

Mr. Bartender said...

when in doubt, consult Joe

Complacent Chase said...

Policemen are HOT! If you think he is worthy of you...say yes.

TOS said...

Police, fire, anything with a uniform and muscles underneath = hot! go for it, closet or not (just don't get too involved in the latter case!)