Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Deep like a kiddie pool

This weekend was spent partially in recluse at the rents house with some QT family time with my grandfather and crazy great aunt, who, managed to insult 2 waitresses and the owner of the restaurant we were patronizing on Saturday.... thankfully the waitresses and the owner only speak broken english and couldn't speak Japanese so I don't know if "you know if you ate more vegetables you wouldn't be so heavy" translated. Plus my great aunt turned 90 this past week, so if all goes well in 2072 I will also be a wrinkled old person with so much jewelery on my arms and neck I can barely lift my head and arms who can call wait staff fat and get away with it.

I spent Saturday evening hanging out by myself watching some good ole fashioned cable and thinking about stuff and things, as I'm want to do at times and something that happened recently that's been bothering me kept popping up in my head. I was out at a local establishment recently and one of the barstaff gave me kind of a back handed compliment and told me that he remembered when I used to come in and be all smiles and that I had a very nice smile and it's a shame he hasn't seen me smile in a long time.

What happened to my smile??? I still haven't figured that one out but I'll be damned if I'm not gonna find it again. I guess I may have been letting a couple things bother the crap out of me to the point where I've become unecessarily stressed out and unhappy, however, key things to remember can consist of:

1). Not knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life at 24 is ok.

2). The fact that grad school might not happen on your schedule isn't the worst thing in the world and it doesn't make you stupid.

3). Everyone wants a better job that pays more, get in line lady you aren't unique.

After my reflective period I balanced out the rest of the weekend by going back to my condo, watching a special on Queen Elizabeth's Jewelery and going out and trying to recapture my smile because after all, you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar, no matter how well sculpted vinegar's cheekbones are :).


wmy said...

Smile, and the world smiles with you...pick your nose, and your on your own...Just somethin' to ponder!lol

Robbie said...

You know, Dale, I get the same comment from time to time, and I find it a bit insulting. What, am I hideous when I don't smile?