Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I feel like I missed the memo

I feel like everyone and their mother is breaking up/ being broken up with this week.

I feel like not getting on the steady summer-lovin gravy train was perhaps not the worst choice I've ever made.

I believe I'm a very seasonal dater. I always seem to have something going on in the oven fall/winter/spring but never the summer.... I think I've figured it out.

Spring: Free from the doldrums of winter we are reminded of the beginnings of life.... and where does all life begin? with sex, and where does all sex begin..... with a cocktail... I mean... with men. One is prone to the itch.

Summer: I've never understood the summer romance phenomenon outside of meeting guys whilst I was a lifeguard or at a camp setting. During the summer it's all about hanging out with my friends and doing crazy sh*t, which at least for me is less so when a sig-other is involved. Plus I feel like many "date" activities in the summer are outdoor centered and I don't go on dates where I sweat, at least not till after the meal.

Fall: I feel like fall is a wonderful restaurant month, a great time in which to "meet for coffee" or "dinner and a movie." It's not cold enough where being outside is a hassle but not warm enough that you feel all sweaty and gross.

Winter: I like having a GC around to keep me warm and bring me hot cocoa and watch movies. I'm delicate like a flower....don't judge me.

Now that fall is fast approaching I better get on my applicant screening process.....hmmmm now I just have to schedule interviews......


Robbie said...

I'm several months out of a long-term relationship. It started in the spring and ended in the spring. I'm not really sure what that's supposed to say.

Right now, though, I think I'll skip the drama and stay single for a while.

wmy said...

ok...I just HAVE to know what is on the application!!