Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Five.... Good Idea/Bad Idea

1). Beverages
Good Idea:
Lady Co-Co making the executive decision to have a refreshing beverage before going to happy hour which may or may not have included making art out of the thirty shot glasses I attained from last weeks beach adventures.

Bad Idea: Lady Co-Co after getting the first cocktail of the evening doing a face plant on the floor after tripping up the stairs at the local alcohol distribution establishment.

2). Company
Good Idea: Having fun with the Dupont Ladies Auxillary Church Group

Bad Idea: I'm pretty sure I kept calling one of their friends a dirty boat person.... it's ok I'm ethnic, I'm allowed.

3). Food
Good Idea: Procuring food at a nearby establishment

Bad Idea: Procuring food at the glass coffin and then going home and eating stomach doesn't like me right now.

4) Ex-Factor Good Idea: Having an ex buy you a drink (bombay and tonic thanks) because he hasn't seen you in a while and you look spectacular, not to mention he really really wants you.

Bad Idea: Thinking that conversation with another separate ex, whose contract you did not renew upon review of key negotiating points, was a good idea... awkward robot dance...cuzz it's sooooo awkward.

5). Post Happy Hour activities
Good Idea: Going to Blockbuster with Lady Co-Co to procure Disney watching goodness

Bad Idea:
Apparently seeing a cute guy outside, and not telling Lady Co-Co where I was going, talking to cute guy while lady Co-Co almost gets arrested for freaking out in the blockbuster because I'd disappeared

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Co-Co said...

I was a hot fucking mess last night...lets not forget me yelling at the top of my lungs that I love Matt Henry right in front of him.