Thursday, August 31, 2006


I.... by nature.... am quite inquisitive...and as I sat contemplating the purple sunset last night and having a nice glass of Johnny Walker black (how butch am I?) I was pondering several little smatterings, maybe you have the answers.... maybe they're just mysteries for the ages.

Is it acceptable to wear a ballcap and glasses on a date?? Is it weird that I might do it anyways?

Why is it that I became almost offended at JR's on Sunday by being called "exotic" not once, not twice but three times.... like I'm half peacock or something..... next time somebody's going to get a fresh one in the pie hole.

Why do some men build up their bodies thinking that it makes up for their busted faces?

After reading it in T-shirt form.... does "Plow Boy" mean you are the plow-er or the plow-ee?

Why did I think doing shots with Mr. Henry last night was a good choice? why do I EVER think they're a good choice?

Why do people visit the WWII memorial and take pictures only next to their home state like it's the coolest thing in life??

Is it wrong that I'm afraid that I'm going to get shanked each and every time I'm invited to go to Chaos by someone??? oh that's right, because there are some scary characters up in there.


wmy said...

Busted face + smokin bod = there's a 50/50 chance of gettin a little bootayyyyyyyyy...just a guess!

Sean Robertson said...

You won't see me at JR's more than once in two or three blue moons. That place is wall to wall abercrombie clones. I swear I went to the AF store in Georgetown a cople of weeks ago (friend from NY insisted) and it was literally just like walking into JR's. LOL

Halo, Omega, and Apex are far more interesting (and you won't get f***ed up comments like that either).

Sean Robertson said...

BTW, re:Chaos - only thing scary in there is the drag queens on a Tuesday night if you've got anything they can rip you on.

I went there for drag bingo with my ex right before we broke up and then with a friend the next week. When they asked for a show of hands for who's gay and I raised mine, Xavier looked at me and said, "Oh, we know you're gay!" Then she did a double take and say, "Hey, wait a minute, weren't you in here with some black guy last week!?" Thank God Miguel knew the story or that would've been really embarrassing. LOL