Monday, August 21, 2006

I guess I'm just not that young anymore

This stupid sinus infection is bugging the poop out of me, I haven't been able to go to the gym in a week due to the medicine-head sensation I've been under.

I WAS banking on my plan of OD'ing on herbal tea and sleeping in several layers of clothes and under comforters to sweat my "visitor" out of my sinus cavities.... I will call her gloria.... Gloria is getting deported back to Cuba VERY soon.

I WAS planning on being better by today but the weekend rolled around and I tried to cram a month of fun into two days. Needless to say I still don't feel well and am going hermit style till this lady is back in full effect.


I was watching TV tonight and a commercial for one of the viagra knockoffs came on and so did the warning of "If you have an erection for more than four hours please go to your nearest emergency room."

My only thought??

There are a lot of scared 13 year old boys in the viewing audience right now.

Thank you.... I'll be here all week.... remember to tip your waiter.... try the veal.

1 comment:

Polt said...


Proof once again, you are THE undisputed queen!

I bow to your regalness!

plus, the only thing that works for my sinus infections is a 10 day dose of omoxycillin. Tears up my stomach, but knocks that damn infection right out!