Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pretty Bird

I have horrible decision making skills.... I'm just saying

Credit Cards: After the Mumsy/Daddykins credit card in my name, I applied and received my very first credit card on the basis that it had Van Gogh's starry night on it (and don't act like you queens don't know EXACTLY which card I'm talking about). I have since gotten two more credit cards, one because it supports the HRC and the other because the american express clear one with the hologram is uber cute. Do I know my interest rates or any of those NPR words or anything on any of them?? surely not. Have I used a credit card in over a year? surely not. I just like them because they're pretty.

Cars: For personal reasons, I, Dale, will always drive a Buick automobile. While studying abroad in london I bought a car to have when I got back to the states. Did I ask questions about gas mileage?? nope. Did I ask questions about ummmm mechanical stuff??? nope still.... I just wanted a car that was my school colors..... cuz I rule.

I'm not saying I'm an idiot... I'm just saying that I might be searching on craigslist soon for a personal advisor on such issues.


daniel said...

I love it. I totally had that Starry Night card (FYI - The interest rate on that bitch Suckssssssssssss - ditch the bitch!)

Alejandra said...

I also thought about getting the American Express Blue card, and yes, just because I like the pretty clear background and blue hologram...