Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I am sorry to use this space for such a self-serving purpose, but I am eager to learn of people's experiences with two popular photo-sharing sites:

Picasa (a Google venture)



I know a lot of people who use Flickr and enjoy it, but there is something about Picasa that really intrigues me. Anyone have anything to share? Thanks!


DC Cookie said...

I believe you can make collages in picasa. lagniappe uses it. I found flickr to be easier to understand from the outset, so I stick with that. But who am I to know what's better?

Linz said...

yes, i do enjoy using the Picasa program. It automatically searches your hard drive for any and all images (including the crazy crap that comes installed on your computer, like ad images, etc), then organizes and presents photos in such a way that it is so easy to find what you want. It also automatically updates every time you open it to find new images. And like Cookie mentioned, you can make different types of photo collages with it that are great. I'd check it's free! Love your site, BTW ;o)